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Field Report

Shift Manager in the Warehouse area

Daniel works at LEONI as a Shift Manager in the Warehouse area.

My story at LEONI

I started working at LEONI because I was looking for a job related to warehouse and forklift operation.

Initially, my job consisted of preparing goods for shipment and labeling them. Over time and the development of the company, my scope of tasks increased - loading and unloading cars, receiving goods and raw materials needed for production. After several years of acquired experience, I was entrusted with the duties of a Warehouse Foreman, where I had a team under me that I had to properly manage. After several more years of acquiring knowledge, commitment to work and creating a well-coordinated team, I became a Shift Manager.

My motto is: "A good team can be created based on mutual trust and joint cooperation." So far it hasn't disappointed me. 

My job

I start my work by taking over the shift and providing the most important information from the Manager leaving the previous one.
Due to the fact that I am responsible for internal logistics, my responsibilities include, among others, supervising the work of the team in my area.

After taking over, a short greeting, a conversation with the crew and dividing the tasks to be performed, I sit down at the desk and check my e-mail.

After an hour, I make a tour of the area for which I am responsible. I also meet with the crew and collect the most important and up-to-date information, including problematic information. Data and statistics from the previous day are also presented. After completing the meeting and obtaining the collected information, I prepare for the next meeting with the Leader and Manager of the Warehouse Department. After all meetings, I supervise the work taking place at the plant.

Around 10:00 we have a well-deserved break for breakfast, during which we can talk.

If necessary, I help the crew with delegated tasks that the team has to perform.
At the end of the shift, I prepare to hand over the change and the most important information to the next manager.

My highlights

I think that my most important event so far was the year in which I was entrusted with the duties of Warehouse Foreman, when I was able to demonstrate my skills in working with the crew.

I got a chance to build a good and well-coordinated team with which I could move mountains. Later, another change came and I took over as Shift Manager. My responsibilities have been greatly expanded. In 2022, as the company developed, a finished products warehouse was established in Krzyżowice and an opportunity arose to manage and supervise the team that would work there. I took up the challenge and I think I managed to do it, which I'm proud of!

My view of LEONI as an employer

I work in LEONI because of good working conditions, company stability and location. I value taking care of employees and investing in their development.

I have a very good and well-coordinated team. I can trust my colleagues because I know that if I assign them a task, they will make every effort to do it as best as they can.

Trust in the brigade is important, because without it it is impossible to build a good team. A nice thing is to organize team-building events for employees, during which we can meet people not only from the warehouse area, but also from other departments of the company.

LEONI in 3 words? Stability, Development, Investment

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