LEONI in Poland

What makes us unique?

The balance between improving our company and caring for employees is one of the fundaments of our business.

  • We guarantee secure employment in modern industrial company which is a part of global enterprises group.
  • We build our team considering individual talents and competences of employees.
  • We train our employees and share with them unique knowledge of technology and management.
  • We invest in our employees and offer them a number of training courses which enhance their qualifications and competence.
  • We offer our team a complex package of benefits and social assistance, for example, private healthcare, sport facilities membership card, and partial covering of expenses on the company cafeteria food and language courses.
  • Our company’s policies are ethical; therefore we scrupulously abide by labour law and proper practices in business.
  • We pay close attention to environmental aspects of our activities. We use modern, ecological technologies by introducing Environmental Management System with the international ISO 14001 standard.
  • Thanks to the highly qualified strong team, modern technology, and effective management, we guarantee the highest quality of our products.